Mermaid Shipping Ltd. established in the year 1990 in Bombay, India, is a world-wide enterprise in the field of supplying ship’s spare parts. The name Mermaid represents the determination of the company's development, with its years of efforts and skillful expertise. Mermaid Shipping Ltd. now stands as a mature business and is a master to export ship's spare parts.
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Mermaid Shipping Ltd, established in the year of 1990 In Bombay, India, is a world-wide run enterprise in the field of supplying Ship's Spares Parts The name represents the will of company's development, with our skillful expertise, From last decade until today, with so many years of efforts, Mermaid Shipping Ltd is now a mature business and master of field of Export Ship's Spares Parts.

With our personalized perfect service, flexible commercial operation system, and good reputation we have always been striving to serve our customers to their satisfaction. Through mutual benefit development and faithful cooperation with the customer, Mermaid Shipping Ltd will keep collecting strength and working together in the new century with friends of all circles concerned to create a brilliant future.




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